What is Inktober?

If you are a pen artist who is looking for motivation or someone who just wants to give it a go, Inktober is the perfect month for you! In this blog we tell you what Inktober is and talk to an artist who is taking part!

How did Inktober start?

Inktober began in 2009 thanks to an artist who refers to himself as Mr Jake Parker. Jake says on the Inktober website that he started Inktober as a way of challenging himself to improve his ‘inking skills’ and as a way of ‘developing positive drawing habits’.

More and more drawing enthusiasts take part in Inktober each year. Comic book artist and illustrator, Mark A. Klein, told our blogger that 2016 is the second year he has taken part.

He said: “Inktober is something I look forward to with my fellow artists and fans. I think it’s a simple and amazing concept. It makes artists either professional or amateur accountable for one another.”

How to take part in Inktober . . .

Just like Mark said, Inktober is a ‘simple concept’. If you are into art you will often see drawing challenges on different social media platforms – Inktober is no different!

1) The idea is to draw something every day for the whole month of October. But as it says on the Inktober website – challenge yourself to something attainable. If you can only manage to create a drawing every other day make that your aim!

2) If you are looking for inspiration on what to draw you will find a handy prompt list on the Inktober website, right here!


3) Your Inktober drawings have to be in ink but you can do a pencil under-drawing if you need to.

4) You will need to post your drawings online using the hashtags #Inktober and this year #Inktober2016.

Why do artists take part in Inktober?

Mark gave us this fantastic encouragement for anyone considering taking part. He says: “By participating in Inktober I see my skills evolve over the month. You’re a better artist because of it.

“I recommend anyone to try and commit to this challenge, it will make you a better, more organised artist. Also it will help you to think and create outside of your comfort zone.”

We hope Mark has inspired you to get involved because . . .

It’s not too late to get creative with Inktober 2016! Share your drawings on our uni-ball Facebook page with the hashtags #Inktober and #Inktober2016.

Or if Twitter is your social media platform of choice, tweet us @uniball_uk using the same Inktober hashtags. We look forward to seeing what you create with your uni-ball pens this month!


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