What is a Bullet Journal and How to Start One

We bring you the lowdown on bullet journals! What are bullet journals? And how do you start a bullet journal? We have the answers!

Bullet journals – made simple!

According to the industry experts at bulletjournal.com bullet journals can be described as: ‘a customisable and forgiving organisation system’.

Bullet journals aren’t used exclusively for one thing, with the website saying: “They can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook and diary, but most likely it will be all of the above.”

The best thing about bullet journals!

Journal producer Henna, from Aarins Handmade  told us that there is a definite increase in people starting bullet journals.


She said: “I think a bullet journal is important and getting increasingly popular because people have a busy lifestyle.”


“Everyone likes to multi-task and sorting out your tasks for the day and week is good as you will end up achieving most goals that you set.”


Henna says that bullet journaling works better for people that ‘like to write down details about business plans and to-do lists’ instead of those who ‘prefer phones for making lists’.

She added: “The best part of keeping a bullet journal is you get to decorate it and write things in it the way you like!!’

How to start a bullet journal!

If this post has tempted you to start bullet journaling, keep reading for some TOP TIPS from Henna and bulletjournal.com.

  • Good news! You don’t need much to start a bullet journal, just a nice notebook and a decent pen (uni-ball can help you out with that)


  • Start by listing out the tasks you want done and then sort out your bullet journal under different days or categories depending on your priorities


  • Make sure you date or number each page so you keep things in order!


  • Get the most out of your bullet journal by ticking off tasks as you do them. How satisfying!


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