What do your doodles mean?

Do you love to doodle and are you always doodling the same thing? Here we bring you a guide to what some of your most common doodles really mean!



According to handwriting analyst Ruth Rostron, people normally doodle when they are bored or stressed. Therefore they are only partly aware of what they are drawing!

This means doodles can say a lot about what someone is thinking without them even realising it . . .

Five Common Doodles and What They Mean!

1 – Squares


If your doodles are always of squares it means you like to be in control. You might also doodle squares when you are working out how to solve a problem!

2- Hearts


This one isn’t much of a revelation! Doodling hearts means you are a romantic . . . how sweet!

3- Flowers




Flower doodles can mean lots of different things depending on how you draw them! Flower doodles with a round centre and soft petals show you are a family person. However if you draw drooping flower heads you a bit of a worrier!!

4 – Butterflies


If you love to doodle butterflies it means you are carefree. You don’t enjoy staying in one place OR having to deal with difficult problems.

5 – Houses


Doodling houses, like doodling flowers, can mean different things. If you draw a house on its own on top of a hill you are probably feeling a tad lonely.

Neatly drawn houses indicate the person drawing them has a happy home life. Scruffily drawn houses (you probably guessed it) might mean the person doodling them has troubles at home . . . eek!

Thanks to britishgrapholgy.org for all of this interesting analysis!

Show us Your Doodles!

We here at uni-ball always LOVE to see what you’ve been drawing! If you’ve recently created an EPIC doodle please share it with us on our Facebook page.


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