How to Draw in Pen: Pen Art Tips, For Beginners

With exclusive tips from a brilliant pen artist, we bring you our guide to pen art for beginners! Soon you will be creating a simple pen art masterpiece – with no paint involved!

Is art your thing? Have you ever tried drawing with a pen rather than a pencil? Sensational pen artist DeMoose Art has been drawing in pen since he was eight and says he loves it because it is “not something you come across every day.” Fans of his work have been inspired to pick up a pen and get drawing!

DeMoose is just one of many artists showing off their impressive pen art skills on YouTube. If you wish you could draw like him, take a look at our guide below and you will soon be on your way to creating your first simple pen art drawing . . .

What do you need?

You’ve guessed it! All you really need is some paper (even the back of an envelope will do) and a pen. So pen art really isn’t an expensive hobby!  

Understandably some people might not feel very confident about drawing in pen for the first time. If this is you, give the uni-ball Signo TSI a go! It draws just like a normal pen but you can erase it! The perfect solution if you are lacking in confidence.

TIP: DeMoose says that when starting out, you should just stick to one black or blue pen then move on to coloured pens when you are “comfortable with shading.”

What should you draw?

Pen art might look easy but there is a lot of skill involved! To practise properly it is important you think carefully about what you are going to draw.  

DeMoose gave our blogger the following tip for those trying pen art for the first time…

TIP: Start by copying cartoons and then anime. After a couple of years you should be ready to move on to realism! (Practise makes perfect after all!)  

How to draw in pen . . .

You can find a selection of pen art tutorials on YouTube that will give you a good starting point. There are lots of different techniques for shading that you can use.

TIP: Expert in pen art, Sara Barnes, suggests that when sketching in pen you should begin with the big details of whatever you are drawing.

Sara says in her Craftsy blog“You don’t want to spend all your time crafting small details that are later covered by shading.”

We’d love to see your attempts at pen art using a uni-ball pen! Please share your drawings on our Facebook page.


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