How to make a creative Valentine’s Day Card

Here at uni-ball HQ we do love a handmade Valentine’s card! Here are some super easy tips for making Valentine’s Day cards, brought to you with the help of top-notch craft blogger, Kate from Crafts on Sea.

Make it personal!

The main reason we have a soft spot for homemade Valentine’s cards is that you can really go to town on making them personalised and special for the person you are giving them to. This can be done using drawings, photos, or words that really mean something to them (and you).


Kate says: “Make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, have all the supplies you need in advance (and a few extra just in case).

“Then find some time when you’re not going be rushed. Things start to go wrong when you are panicked for time.”

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

On the Crafts on Sea website  Kate has brought together a brilliant selection of Valentine’s Day printables.

Printables are fantastic if you don’t have as much time as you would like. Once you have printed them you can simply stick them down on some quality card. Then add that all important personal touch using pens from uni-ball’s create and craft range.

Get the kids involved!

Here’s a sneaky tip for you, if you don’t have time to make your ‘significant other’ or secret crush a card . . . get your kids to make one that you can send!

Your children could take advantage of printables, as it is an idea that is easy for them to do and will hold their attention – for ten minutes at least! Or you can really go to town getting out the glitter, stickers and paint markers. Either way they’ll enjoy helping out and they can even make some cards for their friends at the same time – sweet!

It doesn’t have to be a card right?

Some of us are non-traditionalists and choose to do things a little differently from the norm. How about getting creative on a white mug with our amazing Posca pens? Once you’ve completed your Picasso inspired artwork, why not stuff the mug full of your partner’s favourite chocolate too.

Another idea may be to design an insert to a simple plastic keyring. Draw or say something truly personal to that person and it could be Valentine’s Day all year round!

Show us your Valentine’s cards!

We are going to be asking you to post pictures of handmade Valentine’s cards on our uni-ball UK Facebook page in return for some amazing prizes, so make sure you keep your eyes on it in the run up to February 14th!


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