Miss Wah resides in Worcestershire, Working and playing hard as a Graphic Designer and self titled ‘semi-pro’ doodler sponsored by Uni Posca. With a huge passion for all things Street Art & Kawaii related. She spends hours doodling random-ness on any surface possible. She has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the street art world, bringing her characters to life on the Street and in Print.

Miss Wah has worked with Posca for over 4 years, creating artwork and providing demo’s all over the country. Last year she also published two adult colouring books “Shades of kawaii” which has becoming hugely successful and brought a whole lot of cute to the Adult colouring book world!

We asked Miss Wah to tell us more about her life in art….

How did you get into art?

For as long as I can remember I have always been creating art and experimenting with new ideas – my parents have still got little doodles I did when I was really young.

I first got into street art about 5 years ago – My dad brought me some spray paint and banksy stencils one christmas – that was the turning point for me, I fell in love with street art and began making stickers, pastes and then progressing into spray paint murals.

What is your favourite surface to doodle / draw on?

Using Posca is awesome because they work on practically every surface! but over all my favourite has to be cardboard … I love buying things from ikea because the cardboard boxes are made from really good quality cardboard and make a great surface to draw on – I do get some funny looks when I ask the staff if I can have the packaging as they are stocking the shelves lol!

What do you enjoy most about making videos:

Filming and editing has to be one of my favourite things to do.. I love starting a piece of artwork from scratch and showing how I create it from start to finish.

I also love editing, cutting the footage down into a 3-4 Minute video can be a challenge but i actually and it really relaxing.

It’s really nice to see the reaction on the video’s when I upload new content.

Watch one of Miss Wah’s Posca videos here…


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