Handwriting vs Typing – Why Handwriting is Better than Typing

Our blogger brings you an exclusive expert opinion that proves handwriting is better than typing! Why does handwriting help us learn? And how does it make us more creative?

Handwriting helps us learn!

There is proof that handwriting helps us retain more information than typing does!

A study carried out by the Association of Physiological Science examined whether students taking handwritten notes in a lecture remembered more than those that typed their notes.

At the end of the lecture the students were tested on what they remembered, the results concluded that . .

Students that had taken notes by hand did significantly better than those that typed notes on their laptop!

Handwriting expert, Dr Alison Keegan, from the Progressive College of Further Education, agreed with the results of the study.

She said: “The study showed that despite typing being the easier and quicker option, the quality of understanding was poorer”.

According to Daily Buzz blogger, Jordan De Leon:  “When you take notes by hand, it’s impossible to write down every word a professor says”.

Basically when you are handwriting you have to pick out the most important facts, which in turn cements the information in your brain more effectively!

It makes perfect sense really!

Handwriting makes us more creative!

Another reason that handwriting is better than typing is because it makes our minds work more creatively.

Dr Keegan says: “The act of putting pen to paper, forming raw thoughts and ideas is crucial for individual creativity.

“When writing freehand, thoughts that come flooding into the mind can be written down, scribbled out and corrected, showing the creative learning process on the blank, white canvas.”

She told us that an electronic document is structured in a certain way meaning that the person writing it can only be creative to a ‘certain extent’ because of the way that the document is laid out.

The best pen for writing!

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Why do you love handwriting?

Are you one of those people (like us) that believes handwriting is better than typing?! If so we would LOVE to know why!

• In your most amazing handwriting, write down why you love it so much!

• Snap a picture of what you’ve written on your phone.

• Upload it to our uni-ball Facebook page!


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