How to get started with Calligraphy

If you’re interested in calligraphy but are unsure where to begin, this article may prove to be a good place to start.

Let’s start with some beginner’s tips…

If you’ve been invited to, or attended, a wedding in the last few years, you’ll probably have seen lots of examples of calligraphy. It is basically decorative handwriting or hand lettering.

Many Pinterest users are also big fans of calligraphy as are those of you that buy and sell, on handmade crafting site Etsy.

What do you need for Calligraphy?

Not a lot really! For beginners calligraphy you need a decent pen (check out our Posca range), a pencil and some paper. The great thing is you don’t need loads of spare time, it is amazing what you can do in five minutes.

Calligraphy hints and tips

So if you are getting married sometime soon and want to lovingly handcraft your wedding invites, or just want to impress your friends with how lovely you can make a quote look – read on!

  • Copy

Your children learn by copying, so take a leaf out of their book. Find some calligraphy you like and give it your best shot. Pinterest or YouTube are great reference points for this.

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

This is why you need a pencil. Draw out your lettering in pencil first before you commit to pen. Or try the uni-ball TSI which you can erase!

  • Practise makes perfect

This is just a very basic guide to beginner’s calligraphy, but if you practise enough you will get results.

We highly recommend having a look at YouTube . You will find thousands of calligraphy videos which will help you work on your new skills.

Those of you need in inspiration should pay a visit to our Pinterest board – Handwriting Harmony. It is where we pin the calligraphy that impresses us.


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