Five Handmade Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

Handmade Valentine Card - Homemade Valentine gift ideas

Looking for some inspiration for an inexpensive but meaningful Valentine’s Day gift? Well read on for FIVE super savvy, romantic ideas for homemade Valentine gifts you can make yourself.

Craft blogger Kate Williams from Crafts on Sea told us why she thinks homemade is better than shop bought when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Kate said: “Homemade gifts and cards show that you care enough about someone to put the time into making something.” Which in our opinion is what Valentine’s Day should be about!

If you want to make a bigger statement of love or you don’t have the money to spend on expensive Valentine’s flowers or chocolates, we are here for you with . . . Five handmade Valentine gift ideas!

1)  Date jars


Date jars are a sweet and very personal Valentine’s gift. All you need to do is buy a standard food storage jar or mason jar which are readily available in discount shops.


You can decorate them easily using uni-ball’s fantastic range of POSCA markers.  When you’ve got your jar looking pretty, find some paper and cut it into 12 squares. On each square of paper write down a romantic date that you know your ‘other half’ will love.


Then as you might have guessed you put the dates into the jar and that’s it, you’ve made your very own date jar. Your ‘significant other’ then picks out a date each month for the next year, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


2)    Valentine’s calligraphy


Photo frames don’t cost much money at all. So if calligraphy is your thing why not write out a special quote or song lyric in a beautiful font on a complimentary background. Pick words that really mean something to your loved one and then frame your calligraphy!


If you want to give this gift a go but haven’t tried calligraphy before, then take a look at uni-ball’s  Calligraphy for Beginners guide. If you do try this idea we would love to take a look at what you create, just head over to our Facebook page  and send us a private message with a photo that we can share.


3)   Personalised Valentine’s mugs – one for the kids!

As a craft blogger and mum, Kate from Crafts on Sea is keen on getting kids involved with Valentine’s Day gift making too! She says that her own children love decorating mugs!

All you need to buy for this gift is some plain mugs or teacups. Your kids can then decorate them for Valentine’s Day using uni-ball’s POSCA markers. They are especially designed to write on a ceramic surface.



4)   Edible Valentine’s Day treats

 Edible Valentine's Day treats - Homemade Valentine gift ideas


If you are not into all the soppy stuff, you could make some delicious treats. We are sure your kids will be keen to help out with this gift idea too.


Kate suggests making Valentine’s heart shaped biscuits or chocolate bark, decorated with heart shaped sweets, YUM!


You can see Jamie Oliver’s recipe for chocolate bark right here . Just goes to show art doesn’t always involve pen and paper!



5)  Love cheques

Valentine's Day Cheque - Handmade Valentine gift ideas

Love cheques or love coupons are similar to the date jar idea but even easier and cheaper to make! All you need to do is write out some cheques that your other half can redeem at the time of their choice.

The cheques have to be for things that the one you love will really appreciate, like a massage or breakfast in bed . . . you get the idea! If you don’t have time to write out love cheques yourself you will find lots of examples you can print out online – Click here to print Valentine’s Day cheques for FREE from Money Saving Expert

We think this is a really lovely and easy idea after all it is always the thought that counts.

Remember to neatly write your messages with your luscious uni-ball AIR too.



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