Five of the Best Diaries for 2017!

Are you super organised? Or know someone who needs to get their act together in the New Year? Well this article is for you – check out our list of five of the best diaries for 2017!

What makes a good diary?

According to Graphic Design expert Elish Bul, from Snap, a good diary should be: “Personalised, customisable, and totally relevant to your lifestyle”!

With that in mind, here are five of the best diaries for 2017!

1. Cath Kidston Walton Rose Diary


Online bookseller Books etc. told us that the Cath Kidston Walton Rose diary is their bestseller in the run up to Christmas 2016!

Walton Rose is the print on the front of the diary and inside you will find lots of classic Cath Kidston illustrations too! As well as this it has many other handy organisational features, including tear out shopping lists. Perfect for the busy lady!
Buy it here!

2. Action Day Diary
If you are someone who likes to get things done you may well be tempted by Action Day’s range of diaries!

Action Day claim that their diaries used to be hidden away on the bottom shelf of bookshops, but now are bestsellers because of their ‘unique weekly page layout’. If you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of an Action Day diary, including its target setting features, take action and buy one here!

3. Dodo Pad Diary

If you like quirky diaries then you need to get your hands on one of the Dodo Pad creations! Dodo Pad diaries have been around since 1966 when they were designed by a dad with seven children!

With columns for different family members these diaries are ideal if you have a big family. After all they were invented for that very reason!

The Dodo Pad diary includes pages for doodling and facts and funny quotes too! Very unique, we can see why they haven’t gone extinct!
Here’s how you buy one!

4. kikki.K A5 Weekly Diary


kikki.K diaries look beautiful and are very stylish. They come in a range of pastel shades and are available in different sizes!

If you have any deep thinkers in your family or friendship group this could be their Christmas present sorted! As well as keeping them organised it also features motivational quotes. Even better, you get stickers to decorate it with!

Make someone’s Christmas with a kikki.K diary, available here.

5. Busy B 2017 “Day A Page Diary”


Sometimes a diary with a lot of space for writing in is REALLY important. Busy B’s Day A Page Diary is praised by its’ Amazon reviewers for its simplicity and quality. Because you get a page for every single day of the week it appeals to people that want to use it as a work diary. It is also a great choice for students.

The good news is because it is A5 size it can still fit in your handbag, rucksack or laptop case. Keeping you organised when you are out and about!
Buy the Busy B diary right here!

The best pen to use with your diary . . .

Has to be the uni-ball TSI! If you are perfectionist when it comes to writing down birthdays and HATE making mistakes the uni-ball TSI is brilliant because it is erasable!


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