Crafts to try this Christmas

Here, with the help of brilliant craft bloggers, we bring you some fun and simple festive crafts you simply HAVE to try this Christmas!

Christmas Decorations!

If you want to move away from shop brought decorations and create some of your own take a look at the Jennifer’s Little World craft blog

Using uni-ball’s colourful POSCA pens, Jennifer beautifully decorates traditional wooden Christmas tree decorations.

Here’s Jennifer’s handy video of how to do it

Create your own festive gift tags!

Making your own wrapping paper might be a bit of a stretch but creating your own gift tags can be a simple way to get REALLY creative at Christmas!


We’ve found this brilliant article  which shows you ‘51 unique label designs to try’. We especially love the Cinnamon Dough Ornaments – what a great idea!

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments - Christmas Craft Idea

We particularly love the salt dough and wooden star designs!

Once you’ve finished creating your gift tags, guarantee they look properly festive by writing your personal message using one of uni-ball’s Sparkling Signo gel pens.

Use your windows as a Christmas canvas!

This is fun way of getting your kids involved with the Christmas decorating – especially if they keep asking you when it is going to snow!

Using a white POSCA marker you and your kids can draw all the snow and snowmen you want onto your windows! You and can also use the coloured POSCA markers to bring your snow people to life!

And . . . the best bit about POSCA pens is that they are super easy to wipe off when Christmas is over – that’s if your kids will let you!

Decorating a Christmas Eve plate for Rudolph!

Christmas plates for Rudolph, Santa and Co. are becoming increasingly popular, so instead of splashing out on one at the shops why not make your own!

Craft blogger the “Training Mummy”  has inspired us to give this Christmas craft a go.

As you can see here  she used a range of uni-ball’s POSCA pens to design this super cute plate for Rudolph to eat from on Christmas Eve! And apparently it is really easy to do! Yay!

Decorated Christmas Plate for Santa and Rudolf
We think this is a unique way of putting your families stamp on the Christmas Eve celebrations and you can use it for years, and years to come . . . until it becomes a family heirloom!

Get crafting in time for Christmas!

If you’re looking for the best places to buy uni-ball’s Posca pens and Sparkling Signo multipacks you need to head to our shop.

We would love to see what Christmas crafts you create using our pens! Please share photos of what you make on our uni-ball Facebook page. Who knows . . . you might inspire your friends and family to get crafty just in time for crimbo!


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